The Kennek Foundation, Inc.

Kennek’s founder, Sheila Duncan, is President of Larkin Ltd., holding company for the global children’s character, Trouble the Dog.

Since the creation of the Trouble character in 2006, Sheila has worked tirelessly to raise awareness of the issues children and their families are facing in today’s world. Also, she continues to donate Trouble product to those who need comfort and hope most of all. Trouble is not simply a plush dog, but a proven coping mechanism for those going through tough times. Kids can feel his energy.

Inspired by the generosity of her entrepreneur father, Ken Duncan, Sheila decided to form The Kennek Foundation to expand her reach as the requests for donations and visits from Trouble the Dog are continuously increasing.

Susan Byors has worked as an accountant for 40 years and serves in that role for Kennek. Her career has consisted of positions as Controller of Champion Footwear in New York as well as an accountant for corporations in New England in the areas of mergers and acquisitions and non profits.  Susan brings her vast expertise to The Kennek Foundation where she will be responsible for the daily bookkeeping and accounting tasks being generated by the foundation. 

Susan will also be working in tandem with John Crosby, CPA Principal of Wald & Company in Quincy, MA.

Kennek’s Law Enforcement Advisor, Thomas H. Hendrickson, A.S.C.T. Master K-9 Trainer, has a 34-year career in law enforcement and is invaluable as an advisor for Police Departments wishing to implement their own “Trouble On the Scene” program as he has successfully done in Hampton, VA. From first-hand experience, Tom understands the value of providing a coping mechanism for children in crisis.

Becky Hendrickson is the owner and operator of On Command Dog Training. Becky is a trusted Kennek advisor and facilitator for events in which K-9 Therapy Dogs are utilized along with Trouble comfort Dogs. Often these events are of a sensitive nature involving children and Becky’s expertise is invaluable.

Board of Directors

Susan Donahue, Trade Show Consulting, LLC

Pat Narcessian, Citizens Bank

Sheila Duncan