Trouble the Dog Motorcycle Ride

Eighth Annual Ride Photos

A hugely successful eighth annual Trouble the Dog Motorcycle Ride took place on Sunday, October 2, 2022. As in past years, it was sponsored by Marblehead Opticians and held at The Shriners Auditorium in Wilmington, MA.

Photos are courtesy of TR Collins and Camarda Photography. The TikTok video was produced by John Maihos.

Patches Donated in Memory of Amy Jo Freeman

The 2022 Trouble the Dog motorcycle ride patches honored the life of Amy Jo Freeman, who died earlier in the year.

Amy had a passion that matched her personality, and gave her an independence she always felt inside, riding her motorcycle. Pairing this with her love for philanthropy, Amy raised funds for each mile ridden for charitable organizations for children (riding over 20,000 miles in 2021 alone!). Amy felt this was some of her most important work in life, allowing children to enjoy the milestones of childhood and have a sense of adventure, a taste of independence, and a chance to build self-confidence.

2021 Ride Photos

Video and all 2021 ride photographs are courtesy of Kira Riskin.

Memories from the 2019 Ride

2019 Photos

Memories from the 2018 Ride

2018 Photos