Customizable Press Release

Use this customizable press release template to get the word out about Trouble on the Scene in your community. Simply copy the text below into a Word document and then insert information specific to your community’s efforts in the spaces provided. Finally, send the finished product to local media. Thank you, and good luck!

Trouble the Dog Brings Comfort for [City, State] Children

[City], [State] — [Month, day, year] – Today, the [City, State] Police Department announced a new community program – Trouble on the Scene that will bring hope and comfort to children experiencing traumatic situations in [City] and surrounding towns.  Trouble the Dog is an oversized, keepsake plush known to calm and comfort children affected by trauma.  The Trouble on the Scene program ensures that police officers and first responders have a resource available to help provide immediate comfort to children in times of crisis.

The goal of the Trouble on the Scene program is to supply Trouble plush dogs for every police cruiser, ambulance, and fire and rescue truck in the community so that officers have something comforting readily available in the event of an accident, fire, domestic situation, or other emergency that involves children.  The police division’s participation in the program is fully funded by donations from local businesses and individual citizens. 

The Kennek Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to providing comfort and hope to those most in need – while leaving the plush toy dogs behind as a coping mechanism for children to keep as they heal.  A new ally for the community, Trouble the Dog has been applauded by CNN and MSNBC as a “therapy dog”; a “coping mechanism”; and a “socially conscious comfort toy” for children.

[Quote from representative of local police or fire department about the program and its community impact.]

For more information about the program and how you can support local children, contact: (local contact) [Name] [City, State] Police Department [Tel] or [Email].

For more information about the Trouble on the Scene program for your community, visit The Kennek Foundation: or email:

Melanie Fleming
The Kennek Foundation
(978) 302-7612

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